An ecosystem food Innovation in Africa


The culinary innovation village is an ecosystem food Innovation in Africa, Located in Musekera, Musanze District, the project will be the first in Africa which includes an experimental farm, a culinary training center and a restaurant. It’s an integrated project which will firstly focus on food practices as efficient climate solutions for the long-term.

But also, the empowerment of communities to preserve the environment where they are living. The project aims at engaging in food and water waste, water efficiency in rural environment and valorization of local resources via gastro tourism to generate opportunities for young and women in the region.

Our project will accelerate food related solutions on climate crisis. We believe the way we consume and produce food that has a direct impact on our climate.
We will participate to this change with our research center where we will study on local resources as insects, ancients’ greats, pulses as alternatives to reduce meat consumption. Also, we will engage in discussions on the ability to transform local resources in order to reduce greenhouse gas related to the transport of foods. We will act as a food leader on climatic change.

The implementation of our project is the plan for 2023. Our ambition is to open the Culinary Innovation village in December 2024.

Totally, the culinary innovation village is the continuity of the work we have begun at Meza Malonga. We trained the next generations of African chefs on the using of local products. Design approach of learn by doing to be a master.